about the cyberkids website

It is important that parents provide a supportive environment for the online explorations of their children and that they understand both positive and negative aspects of the Internet.

It is recommended that parents place computer(s) in an open area where the screen can be monitored while their children are online.

Make a point of checking what your child is accessing on the internet.

Seven Safe Tips for Parents to share with children:

1. Remember they should not give out their name, phone number, address or school name to new Internet friends or contacts.

2. If there is a request to meet an internet friend in real life they must ask you first – and then check out by contacting them yourself to be satisfied if safe.

3. Never go alone to meet an Internet friend. If you approve a meeting make sure there are other trusted people present at any meeting.

4. Without making children fearful, teach them that sometimes bad people can use the Internet to pretend to be your friend.

5. It's not safe to put their photos on the Internet or email them to friends they don't know in real life.

6. They should not download pictures or programmes from the Internet without asking you first.

7. If they receive scary or offensive messages comfort and reassure them first and then either close down the site or take steps to talk to or report the person causing the distress.